Storyline 2019: Three Tales of the Round Table

Merlin recounts three tales of the Round Table to a young Squire Thomas Malory to teach him the virtues of chivalry, and that being a knight is not all it’s cracked up to be:

The Tale of Gawain and the Green Knight — Gawain takes up the challenge of the strange Green Knight in order to spare Arthur and his court from dishonor. But he has until sundown to figure out the riddle of the Lady Ragnellin in order to save himself from certain doom.

The Tale of Sir Brunor — Young Sir Brunor arrives with his mortally wounded father Sir Meliot, only to learn that the sorceress Hellewes has cursed the wound to never close. Now he must face a series of trials throughout the day in order to get the holy artifacts to save his father.

The Tale of Tristan — Sir Galleron, the Morholt, and Sir Tristan are the best of friends, but duty and honor will pit them against one another as the Queen of Ireland and King Mark of Cornwall settle an age-old rivalry.

The Three stories converge as the defeated Queen of Ireland and the sorceress Hellewes join forces to overthrow those who have beaten them.


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