Kids Kingdom

Kid's Kingdom is a children's play area that has been constructed to replicate the many arts, sciences, entertainment, and lifestyles portrayed by the players throughout the day. The young (and the young at heart) are welcome to try their hand at the activities and entertainments available during their step back in time.

There are also activities for all the wee ones, water play, bubble play, sand play, ballrooms and castle building.  Who doesn't like playing with puppets or giant chess pieces that stand up to 3 feet tall!

For the safety of all, children must be accompanied by an adult while at Kid's Kingdom and on the faire site.

In addition to the fine children’s shows listed in the entertainment schedule, the Village Faire is pleased to present a variety of entertainment & activities themed for the youngsters:

Story Time, Giant Chess, and Fun & Games with Lady Penny

Peasants Band - youthful minstrels are invited to become part of the Faire's own Peasants ensemble, learn period songs & dance, and entertain the crowds in Kids Kingdom through-out the day. 


Children's Renaissance Crafts - FREE crafts will be offered at three separate tables all day.  Varied crafts are offered throughout the day so come again and again all day long.


Children's Story Time and Interactive Theatre - Each year we oversee the creative talents of our young visitors as they create or perform puppet, marionette, or other shows on a stage reserved exclusively for them. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis, however, time will be made for all to enjoy this special activity.

Interactive Music Land - Scores of musical instruments will be available for play.  Musical volunteers will help guide participants through song, dance, and music through-out the day. The peasant's band recreates the imaginativeness and resourcefulness of the medieval times by using everyday objects to create the attendees village musical ensemble. The faire's professional musicians visit from time to time to lead your ensemble.


Children’s Parade - Try your best at the Juggling school, the royal dance lessons, and peasant's band as some of the lucky and talented faire goers will be invited to join the Royal Procession to the Queen.

Knight Training - This activity offers junior size attempts at jousting, running the ring, and quintains.  Period cut-outs, targets, and stockades are available for photographic memories, in the football field sized Kids Kingdom.


Play Areas – Various other hands-on activities can be found throughout Kids Kingdom. What will YOU find?


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