Games & Activities

Are you game enough to challenge yourself, your friends, or our own participants? Spend a coin or two and try! Also watch for our free events to partake in!


♦ Giant Draughts
♦ Human Horse Race
♦ Titan Connect Four
♦ Pyrate Water Battle

Village Fantasy Games

♦ Chickenshot into a Pot
♦ CASTLEplunk
♦ Sword Ring Toss
♦ Jacob’s Ladder
♦ How Well can you Throw a FIT?
♦ Dueling RAT-A-PULTs
♦ Pyrates Watershield Battle

Dragonsized Games:

♦ Musical islands
♦ Jumbo Jenga
♦ Dragons & Ladders
♦ Kingdom Quest
♦ Cannonball CrowKICK

Games of Skill by Period Production

♦ Weapon Throw - stars, knives, axes
♦ Archery
♦ Fencing
♦ Fight a Knight

Animal Activities

♦ Better Way Belgians Carriage Rides
♦ Painted Dreams Farm Pony Rides
♦ Peaceable Kingdom Royal Petting Zoo
♦ Baywing Falconry Interactive Exhibit
♦ Unicorns Inspirations & Images

Merlin’s Mystical World

♦ Castle Bounce & Obstacle Course
♦ Human-Flail


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